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About Us

CAMRA is a voluntary, independent consumer organisation. Membership is open to all individuals, but corporate entities such as breweries and pubs are not members,. CAMRA is governed by a voluntary unpaid national executive, elected by the membership. there is a small professional staff of 14 responsible for central campaigning, research, administration, membership and so forth.

CAMRA is financed through membership subscriptions, sales of products such as books and sweatshirts and from the proceeds of beer festivals. CAMRA receive no funding from the brewing industry other than a limited amount of advertising in the monthly magazine “What’s Brewing”. They are not a “for profit” company and are limited by members guarantee and the accounts are lodged annually with Companies House.

While CAMRA is a single industry group, it has a very wide area of campaigning interests. At present campaigns they are actively pursuing include the following

  • Improved competition and choice within the industry
  • Preserving the British pub and defending licensees from eviction by pub owners
  • Seeking a fairer tax system for smaller brewers
  • Seeking fuller information about the beer we drink i.e. listed ingredients
  • A fundamental reform of the licensing law (e.g. all day Sunday opening if the licensee wishes)
  • Fighting take-overs and mergers