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We cover the city centre pubs of Ely and those in the surrounding villages. We are a very sociable Branch and we meet, usually once a month at one of the area pubs.

These meetings are nearly always Branch meetings and so ALL members are welcome to attend. So, if you would like to take a more active role in the Branch feel free to come along to one of the meetings or social events that are listed on the "Diary Dates" page.

We have our Elysian Beer Festival taking place on 11th and 12th March. Details of the Festival and a volunteer staffing form are available via the Beer Festival link. If you are interested in joining CAMRA then visit our contact form for more details on membership enrolment of the CAMRA HQ site.

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Some Very Helpful Tips for Aspiring Tennis Players

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You have been recently introduced to tennis and you have found that this is actually one game that you would definitely want to be better at. You have seen the struggles of tennis players UK and you know how real it is. But this did not deter you from actually wanting to pursue it even more. You know that this can be a frustrating game to learn if you are new to it, bit you believe that with practice, the right guidance, and perseverance, you are surely going to get there.


Understand that this is a game that requires skills and considerable stamina. A tough mind is needed to in order to win matches. You know that these skills can be learned. You can maintain or repair a tennis court to high heavens, but that will not drastically change your physical ability to play the game. You do not have to start learning the game from an early age to be good at it. But you are well aware that there is so much catching up for you to do. You are determined to make the most of the time you have though and to exert all the effort needed to be better at the game.


Getting mentored is always a good way of learning more about the game and being better at it. One of the benefits of getting lessons for the game is that you actually get to learn the basics while at the same time, avoiding the pitfalls of developing bad habits that might ruin your progress later. There are a lot of places in town that may offer these lessons. If possible, go for those private ones.


Practicing is always encouraged. No great in the field became a sensation in the sports overnight. The people that are now in the peak of the sports are those who actual put in a lot of effort to learn the game and master it for a long time. The success that they are enjoying now are all result of the efforts that they have exerted and the long years that they have invested in perfecting their techniques and being better in the field.


Play as many matches as possible too, the best way to really fine-tune your skills of to make sure that you polish them in any way and every way that you can. The best way to do this is to get engaged in matches. It is encouraged that you should play with people who are at a skill level that is significantly higher than you. It is often considered as the best and most effective way to learn new techniques and get pointers faster.


Learn to analyse. The best players that have merged in the sport are always those that use their mind when it comes to reading their opponents. Aside from carving the right techniques that will give you an upper hand in matches, being able to read the weaknesses of the opponent is always going work to your advantage too. The best players know who to analyze their opponent’s weaknesses even only after a few shots. This allows them to exploit this wakefulness during a match.


Do invest on the best equipment, this is a sports that does not only require you to have the right skills, but for you to have appropriate equipment as well. So, make sure that you have the right equipment invested on to allow you to perform more effectively.

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Keeping Yourself Safe With Online Bingo

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Keeping Yourself Safe With Online BingoThe favorite pastime of gamblers, bingo, may be facing a decline in the recent years with the closing of several bingo halls, but the game itself is far from becoming dead. In fact, the game is still alive and kicking, but they are roaming and keeping the party alive online. A lot of bingo fans are ‘migrating’ to online bingo these days. It is even estimated to be the fastest growing online game. While playing bingo online is certainly fun, you will need to be extra careful with your moves. This means that you need to stay safe when you conduct your gambling activities online, including bingo games.

Your first step to safely playing bingo games online is by researching providers. A quick research is all it takes, but if you are the type of person that needs to make sure everything is covered and well researched, you can go as far as confirming their existence according to the information they have provided. Legitimate online bingo sites have a license name, license number and the name of the licensing agency stated in their site. They also provide information on where their headquarters is, including the exact address and a phone number. They should also have the seal of approval from regulatory boards – the ones responsible for overseeing all online gambling sites whether or not they are keeping themselves updated to the latest online gaming systems and that they do not have any issues that may be related to scamming. You can also use review sites as a reference. Although the online bingo site that you have found maybe legit, it may not be suited to your needs. By using the best review or comparison sites online, you will be able to compare different online bingo sites and choose the one that you like.

You should not give out your personal details easily or spend a lot of your money on bingo sites that are poorly rated. Since you will be using a review site or comparison sites to know more about the online bingo sites that you have found, you will read there the details about the games available, the features, bonuses, customer service and many others. You will find a lot of those complaining about their service, while there are also those who thank sites for keeping true to their claims. If you find a new bingo sites that rarely has any reviews, you should reject it right away, as they may not provide the information that you need. If the number of positive reviews outnumbers that of the negative ones, you have in your hands a legit site, although you still need to be careful if the number of negative reviews is almost on the same level of the positive ones, even if the latter is higher than the former.

You can make safety checks by yourself. You can do it online or if you prefer to do it personally, you can do so, given that the agency itself is easy to reach. You can contact them by phone in order to get confirmation whether or not the online bingo site that you found is operating legally.

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Enjoy a Craft Beer

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An independent, modest brewing business manufactures craft beer. This kind of drink wouldn’t function as the product of a big, conventional brewer. When you acquire a preference with this fashion that is uncommon, you could possibly be very happy to understand the benefits of drinking this libation.

Flavor that is increased

You may be pleasantly surprised by different fashions and tastes when you research craft beer you strike. As an alternative to drinking the dead and boring concoctions created by the large makers, it is possible to sip on drafts made in small batches by companies that are working to make innovative and enticing products for customers. These brewers do not cut corners or leave out ingredients that are significant to reduce prices. They go out of the strategy to select the right ingredients to produce the best possible lager.

Higher Alcohol Content

Alcohol levels are generally higher in these specialty ales. Beer that is generic typically has an alcohol content of about two to three percent, with light products having booze that is less. On the other hand, even as high as 40 percent or craft beer will come in at between five and ten percent, with a few products reaching 20 percent.

Health Benefits

Specialty ales have ingredients that will boost your quality of life, although you might not be accustomed to linking health benefits with these kinds of beverages. The nutrients contain soluble fiber, B vitamins, and antioxidants including ferulic acid. These craft drinks are in fact higher in antioxidants than red wine. Drinking these beverages could additionally allow you to fight osteoporosis.

Less Pricey

It is possible you will spend less complete by selecting these drinks although these cold ones could be expensive should you take into account the individual cost in comparison to conventional beverages. The reason this option is more affordable than conventional drinks is due to the alcohol content that is raised. You’ll drink significantly less than conventional lagers because these libations tend to be more pleasing having a higher alcohol content, but you’ll probably take pleasure in the drinks considerably more.

Seasonal Options

Little, breweries that are nontraditional typically create seasonal options for customers. It is not unusual for brand new releases to come out with all the shifting seasons, or a brewery will bring back old favorites to usher in a fresh season. You may love experimenting to discover new favorites. Additionally, sample brews from other breweries that are local or attempt ones that are uncommon from states and different areas.

Observing the Independent

Rather than supporting the monopolies that are large, you could appreciate channeling your cash to the smaller businesses which are striving to create and offer an artisan merchandise. The independent breweries constitute a tiny fraction of the alcoholic beverage business, so supporting these firms will help ensure they stay a profitable choice. When you sip on any of these artisan beverages, you’ve got the chance to taste individual imagination with real flavors.

Research a veritable banquet of choices that are alcoholic when you open the doorway to craft beer. You might be taken aback at the food and drink mixes when you and advanced libations couple tasty foods you concoct.

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What is a Social Beer?

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Two Fingers is a social business using a turn – it is a beer brewing business who give their gains to charity. The organization is made in 2012, when its seven creators had a vision to get a beer that helped humanity and led.

They found their beer brewing organization to greatly help join the struggle against the most frequent cancer. On their site, they say that 1 in 8 guys in Britain will get prostate cancer, using the cancer killing one guy each hour around. The charity they support is named Prostate Cancer UK, which will be the leading UK charity for guys with prostate issues. Two Fingers helps by both encouraging the cause, and by giving all gains (after invoices are paid by them, and reinvest in the company) to the charity.

It is the primary social business we have run into that deals with booze, and is thus undoubtedly among the very uncommon! Still, it is amazing coming across someplace different for the greater good, or to the standard, which actually demonstrates there are a number of ways to help out in the local community. Plus, some systems are definitely truly exceptional!

In addition to helping out by giving their gains for and raising consciousness they ensure their beer would work for vegans and vegetarians, and encourage safe drinking in all their campaigns, which is an important part of their charitable social enterprise. Two Fingers find a way to do this, although it may be difficult to get the balance between encouraging their beer brewing social business, rather than encouraging dangerous drinking.

Two Fingers Brewing Co. have now been supported as a social business in many ways, including most recently having been given as the UK’s most inspirational social business in a contest established by US booze-brand Chivas Regal whiskey. They charge themselves as a “beer that saves lives”.

Have you got a fire so that you can simply help out having a social or charitable cause you might take advantage of? It’s possible for you to help out in companies you may not have thought of before, even in the local community at all!

What exactly are your ideas bust this societal business brewing business? Would you believe how their profits all go to charity makes them a societal company that is precious? Additionally – In the event you had the option, can you feel inclined to drink a beer that is social, over options that are routine?

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What is the Mr Beer Brewing Fad?

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For a lot of the people who love beer brewing, this hobby has turned into an obsession. They’ve complex beer brewing gear set-ups and often brew all grain recipes or partial mash. Nevertheless, they needed to begin someplace, as well as for quite a few, it was a Mr. Beer brewing machine.

Alas, many brewing snobs look back on the Mr. Beer brewing machine. But you must begin someplace, and Mr. Beer is an excellent strategy to get into this hobby. It’s possible for you to make beer that is better using more complex brewing techniques and beer brewing equipment. But it is also possible to make good quality beers with a Mr. Beer, and many brewers continue brewing using it. These beer brewing machines offer simplicity and convenience, and for people who are short on time or space, it enables them to have a hobby that they could not otherwise reach use.

Mr. Beer is also an excellent opening to the world of home brewing. It enables anyone find out if that is a hobby that they can love and stick with and to get in affordable. Otherwise, then you aren’t outside an excessive amount of cash, and you also do not have lots of house brewing equipment that you will not use lying. You then could take the plunge and purchase more complex set ups in case you get hooked into beer brewing. Either way, it is possible to pass along your Mr. Beer to someone else and see if they love beer brewing.

While Mr. Beer has its limits, you can really make some really great brews with it. Below are a few ideas on methods to increase your results using a Mr. Beer brewing machine. The primary recommendation is using ingredients that are better than what come with the kit. The appetizer ingredients are not the finest quality, and are not designed to make excellent beer. Instead, the purpose is teaching you the very fundamentals of home brewing and to make something drinkable.

The Internet site has refill blends offered at costs that are affordable, and these are better products in relation to the first fixings. Nevertheless, to make even better beer, bypass these refills to check out recipes for Mr. Beer. All these can be found in the web site, along with at many beer brewing newsgroups. Instead of using the booster, which comes with all the ingredient kits, attempt replacing unhopped infusion. Using all infusion (and no booster) to get a mountain of beer will generate results that are better.

Also, among the knocks on Mr. Beer is that a lot of the beers made effect in a cidery flavour. The booster features a great deal regarding this particular result. Disregard table sugar to be used by the directions. Don’t use table sugar! It’s possible for you to make beer that is great, although not. Instead, replacement corn sugar, also called dextrose. This can be found by you at on-line or the LHBS. You utilize two cans of infusion and miss the sugar completely, or could also get more malt infusion. Most of the time malt makes better beer.

It appears a lot of the blame for negative reviews has a lot more regarding the fixings used in contrast to the Mr. Beer brewing machine itself. Don’t forget the expression, quality in, quality out! Remember to not judge the Mr. Beer on the fixings you get with it when you first buy it. The very first ingredient kit, which is included with it’ll have the booster as well as prehopped infusion. Your first beer will not be undrinkable, but will not be a beer that is very good. Simply remember which you are first and foremost learning the procedure, therefore the initial batch is the evaluation run.

After that, buy some unhopped infusion to replace the booster. This united with a different can of malt (or unhopped) can make some really delicious beers. Another suggestion would be to join their club on the site, this can allow you steer clear of the expenses of transportation and to purchase ingredients. Other ideas for enhancing your beers would be to find a place that is dark to ferment your beer, like a cupboard. There is a terrific location to use a cooler, which will help keep the correct temperature at the same time.

The teachings contained also need to be taken using a grain of salt. Rather than following the t, it is best to follow great beer brewing guidance. For example, when it comes time rather than adding sugar to every bottle, add up the entire quantity of sugar desired, then boil of water and add all the sugar and fully dissolve. Boil for a quarter hour. Allow the sugar solution cool down for a while, and after that add to your own Mr. Beer and stir gently, but completely. Fill your sanitized cap and bottles.

Regardless of exactly what the directions say, bottle conditioning stories over a week. For that matter, it’ll just make your beer easier to allow it to ferment for two or one more week. It will not take only two weeks to make beer that is adequate. It’s possible for you to drink it in fourteen days, but your beer is going to not be much worse with the extra time. The two weeks is a smart marketing ploy. They understand you need beer and you also would like two possible. When they told you it took 4-6 weeks to produce beer, they’d not sell kits. Before the magic is completed, do not drink your beer, you’ll wind up cidery beer drinking flat,. Wait at least 2 weeks, and rather 4, before splitting that first bottle. The beer just gets better the more time you let it grow in the bottles.

Even be careful to not over tighten the lid of your Mr. Beer brewing machine. The lid must let gasses created to escape. This is particularly accurate for beers. In case you over tighten, you might wind up with a keg that is destroyed as well as spilled beer. Another great trick would be to get the sugar measure in the event that you will use the 12ounce, 22oz, or 1 litre bottles the offer. The sugar measure offers the right, precise measurement and is quite easy to work with.

Eventually, the very best suggestion would be to do a Google search. There are many beer brewing newsgroups out there in property which have whole threads focused on the universe of Mr. Beer. It’s possible for you to learn some fantastic suggestions, along with the ensuing beers employing a Mr Beer brewing machine, to truly improve your beer brewing experience as well as recipes.

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